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Energy Efficient Appliances for a Greener Hospitality Industry

Population growth and rising incomes are set to transform Sub-Saharan Africa. Unfortunately, this has the potential to be a major driver of global greenhouse gas emissions. Innovative solutions are required NOW to ensure that African populations can enjoy the benefits of industrialization while mitigating the effects of this shift on global climate.


Energy efficient appliances are simply not available in the African market at scale.

Appliance retailers focus on selling the lowest priced units, even if more energy efficient models would have a lower lifetime cost to the consumer.

Financing options are limited and usually come with very high interest rates, forcing businesses and consumers towards short-term decision-making.


Power Trip is a new, Nairobi-based start-up that is partnering with appliance manufacturers to bring the most energy efficient models to Africa.

We plan to build innovative financing options including targeted subsidies, concessionary financing, and carbon offsets, to make these appliances affordable here.

As we scale, the benefits of energy efficiency will become better known in the African market, leading to further investments upstream in manufacturing and supply chain.


The African appliance market is a $65bn industry and growing rapidly.

Power Trip is a commercial venture committed to growing sustainably in order to maximize our impact.

As a Purple Elephant Ventures startup, we will leverage the studio’s extensive network in the Kenyan hospitality industry to focus first on selling appliances to these clients.

Once we have proven our model, we will expand both geographically and into broader markets.

Competitive Advantage

Worth of appliances in Kenya by 2030

A management team with decades of experience in energy efficiency, appliances, and impact financing.

The support of Purple Elephant Ventures, our studio-cofounder with successful startups in adjacent industries.

Strong partnerships with international manufacturers and local supply chain firms.

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